my name is Tony Stark

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About Me

I enjoy bringing structure to the unstructured through leadership, technology and creativity.


2007 - Present
Senior Director – Technology
Equifax Workforce Solutions provides insightful human capital solutions for the HR, payroll, tax and compliance needs of today's employers.

Responsible for Software Architecture for the Employer Services suite of products. I lead a team of architects to provide various HR, Payroll, Tax and other Compliance related solutions, including:
  • Compliance Center
    • Talent Acquisition & Onboarding
    • I-9 Management
    • Tax Credits & Incentives (WOTC)
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Paperless Pay
  • Tax Form Management
  • Unemployment Cost Management

  • Architect for three business lines:
    • Compliance Center
    • Tax Credits & Incentives
    • Onboarding
  • Define and communicate vision, technical solutions and guidance
  • Currently, Lead Architect in a multi-year project to create a Compliance Center portal to connect 3 existing product lines using Angular JS, SOA and REST Based Services
  • Architect and Lead Developer for 6 month project resulting in over $10 MM in revenue in one year
  • Co-Architect and Senior Developer for rewrite of all external product line applications for Tax Credits & Incentives using Model View Controller (MVC), SOA and REST Based Services
  • Work with other Architects to define, test and communicate Corporate Standards and Catalog Items
Technology / Methodology
Angular JS, MVC, ASP .NET Web Forms, ASP Classic
Bootstrap, Material CSS, CSS, SASS, LESS, jQuery, Telerik (Kendo)
SOA, WCF, Web API, REST Based Services, OAuth
.NET Frameworks 1.1 - 4.6.2, C#, VB .NET
SQL Server 2005 - 2014, SSRS, SSIS, Oracle
Agile (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe Scaled Agile)
Amplified Development, Inc.
2001 - 2016
President / CEO, Architect
Internet and Microsoft Windows® application development and consulting
  • The company specialized in large projects, project turnarounds, technology ports (wide scale refresh) and IT Leadership consulting
  • Personally, I concentrated on Management, Architecture and Technical Pre-Sales
  • Managed Amplified Development consulting staff of ~5
  • Managed clients' IT staff as large as 15 (as staff augmentation for CIO, Director or Architect)
  • Key Projects:
    • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System
    • Banking Software (Teller and New Accounts) Migration from ASP 3 to ASP .NET within 2 month period
    • Complete rewrite for several leading Multi-Level Marketing companies
    • Donation Management System for non-profits and contributors
Technology / Methodology
MVC, ASP .NET Web Forms, PHP
Drupal, Joomla, DNN, Microsoft Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics
.NET Compact Framework
.NET Frameworks 2 - 4.6.1, C#, VB .NET
SQL Server 2000 - 2012, MySQL, Oracle
American Railcar Industries
2006 - 2007
Technical Lead, Senior .NET Developer
Provides railcar production, maintenance and fleet management to North America with over $800 million in annual revenue.
  • Technical Lead / Senior Developer on both the Railcar Leasing and Railcar Management teams
  • Rewrite of Relational Database Model and Data Access Layer
  • Specifically responsible for authentication & authorization module (ASP .NET Forms Based Authentication)
Technology / Methodology
ASP .NET Web Forms
.NET Frameworks 2 - 3, C#, VB .NET
SQL Server 2005, SSRS
Avanade (Microsoft / Accenture)
Technical Designer
Avanade, a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, is a solution provider using the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Started as developer for the Election Management System (Electronic Voting)
  • Was promoted to Technical Designer within 2 months
  • Designed the Calendar module for the Election Management System
  • Was promoted to the Election Dependency module team, which was one of the core teams
  • Member of the Shared Libraries team - this team writes the Microsoft Enterprise Library framework
Technology / Methodology
C# Windows Forms
Distributed Systems
.NET Frameworks 2, C#
SQL Server 2005
Product 4
2003 - 2006
Technical Lead, Senior .NET Developer, Technical Implementations Manager
Provides branch automation solutions for Tellers, New Accounts, Customer Care, Call Centers and Loans.
  • Technical Leadership for about 10 developers across all application development
  • Designed a distributed .NET Windows Forms application suite that supported hundreds of banks with thousands of branches
  • Designed and implemented the first cumulative Large Currency Deposit monitoring feature in the industry. Multiple smaller deposits across different branches would be flagged if cumulatively they were above $10,000
  • Senior Developer for first two major versions of the Teller application
  • Designed and implemented hardware interfaces (i.e. Printers, MICR Readers, Cash Dispensers, etc.)
  • Designed and automated deployment of the application suite for installation at thousands of bank branches
  • Managed preparation for and on-site installations nationwide
  • Technical Pre-Sales for all market sizes
  • Led engagement with Microsoft Professional Services (augmented architecture, load testing, system documentation)
Technology / Methodology
VB.NET Windows Forms
Distributed Systems, .NET Remoting
.NET Frameworks 1.1 - 2, VB .NET
SQL Server 2000 - 2005
Electro-Core, Inc.
2001 - 2003
Senior .NET Developer, IT Manager
Private manufacturing company building silicon steel cores for use in the commercial, medical and defense industries
  • Architect and Lead Developer for .NET Windows Forms CRM application
  • Migrated existing system from FoxPro for UNIX to .NET (starting in .NET 1.0)
  • Implemented geometry models for best packing arrangement algorithms
  • Managed development team
  • Managed contractors for Hardware / Networking
  • Led major upgrades from UNIX machines to PCs, Wireless Networks and Handheld Devices throughout the premises
Technology / Methodology
VB.NET Windows Forms
FoxPro, Microsoft Great Plains
.NET Compact Framework
.NET Frameworks 1 - 1.1, VB .NET
SQL Server 2000 - 2012, MySQL, Oracle


  • 2021


    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Professional Cloud Architect Certification
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  • 2020

    Western Governors University

    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management

  • 2014

    Carnegie Mellon University - Software Engineering Institute

    Software Architecture: Principles & Practices
    Software Architecture Design and Analysis
    Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) Evaluator
    Documenting Software Architectures

  • 2007

    Microsoft Certification

    MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer)
    MCTS Web Applications (Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist)
    MCTS Windows Development
    MCTS Distributed Applications

  • 2001

    East Central College

  • 2000

    Ozark Christian College


Technology Leadership
Cloud Transformation
Distributed Systems
Microservices, REST, Web API, WCF
.NET Framework (C#, ASP.NET, MVC)
Data Persistence (SQL, Oracle, NoSQL, Neo4j Graph DB)
Infrastructure (Networking, Load Balancing, DR, HA)
CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment)
Agile (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe Scaled Agile)
Responsive (Bootstrap, Material CSS)
AngularJS, Angular
GCP Cloud Architect


Scuba Diving